ESV Symposia

Seminar Series 2017
The next viral pandemic: A story from ongoing worldwide epidemics

ESV is pleased to invite you to attend their first seminar in 2017 entitled “the next viral pandemic: a story from ongoing worldwide epidemics.

seminar will take place in the main conference hall, faculty of veterinary medicine, Cairo University at wed 22nd march 2017, 12.30 pm.

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Zika virus: current outbreaks and possible spread to Egypt

ESV had held a Seminar on Zika Virus at 24th February 2016, concurrently with the announcement of outbreak.

the seminar included three main talks:

1- Introduction to Zika Virus outbreak, Dr. M. A. Shalaby, Cairo university, Faculty of veterinary medicine.

2- Clinical symptoms in human, complication and lab. diagnosis, Dr. Aly Zaki, Ain Shams university, Faculty of medicine.

3- Role played by Aedes mosquitoes in spreading the virus, Dr. Moahmed Kenawy, Ain Shams university, Faculty of Science.

in the presence of multiple health and veterinary official representatives, veterinarians, physicians, virologists and students.

ESV Workshops

The ESV Has organized two workshop during 2012 and 2013 ,the first one was entitled “using Recombinase polymerase amplification assay(RPA) for rapid diagnosis of FMDV by Prof.Mohamed Shalaby and Overview on the epidemiology of FMDV by Prof. Ahmed El Sanousi at the Serum and vaccine research institute ARC ,Abbasia.(2012).

The second one was on October,2013 at the faculty of vet, med, Cairo university on: MERS/ Novel corona in Man and animals ,presented by Prof. Ahmed El Kafrawy and Prof. Mohamed A.Shalaby.

Training course on RPA

The University of Goettingen, Germany and The Egyptian Society of Virology (ESV)  will organize

Training course on the rapid point of need molecular system for the detection of emerging and veterinary pathogens

The course will include lectures on point-of-care tests, isothermal amplification technology, recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) assay.

The practical part will include training on the methods of extracting the nucleic acid at point of need (SpeedXtract) and RPA test run on the mobile suitcase laboratory.

The course will be held in Desert Rose Resort, during the 6th International Virology Conference of the ESV in Hurghada 2016 on November 30th 16:00-20:00 clock.

To apply please:
– Send an e-mail message with your full name to
– The course is limited to 10 individuals on bases of first-come, first-served.
– Deadline for Applications: November 1, 2016, 00:00 CET.

Registration fees: 500 LE for Academics.

ESV Conferences

ESV will organize the sixth International Virology Conference in the period of 29 November-2 December,2016 at Hourghada,Red sea. At Desert Rose Resort, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

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