The Egyptian Society of Virology

The Egyptian Society of Virology (ESV) is non-profit Association founded in 2000 . The ESV is a multidisciplinary organization and merges the scientific and teaching interests of general, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and plant virologists. The administrative office if ESV is located at the Department of Virology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, 12211-Giza-Egypt

ESV Is to advance the art and science of virology and stimulate the exchange of information and collaboration among individual scientists as well as among national and international associations of virology throughout the world by organizing regular scientific meetings, promoting virological education at all levels and by representing the science and profession of virology

The Egyptian Journal of Virology (EJV) is a scientific journal published a once a year by Egyptian Society of Virology (ESV). lt is Primarily targeted towards the publication of results of authentic research in the sphere of Virology Sciences.